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"I had been meaning to get back involved with UCSD, and just too busy to focus. But meeting with Emily brought back all the good memories - motivating me to make it a priority." -- Jeni Terrell-Reynolds, '99

The Alumni Discovery Initiative is an innovative outreach effort to engage alumni in active dialogue with recent graduates and student ambassadors from UC San Diego. Whether you live in San Diego, Los Angeles, Bay Area or beyond, our ambassadors are scheduling in-person and by phone meetings with hundreds of selected alumni. If you would like to participate and share your UCSD stories, please let us know. If you are selected to participate in this exciting initiative, an ambassador will contact you directly by phone or email to schedule a meeting that will last no more than 45 minutes. Yes! Please contact me for an interview

The Interview

The interview will focus on your life since graduation, your memories of UCSD and what would motivate you to reconnect with your alma mater. You’ll also have the opportunity to ask your ambassador about student life and the latest news from the University. The information collected as part of the interview will help strengthen the programs, services and communications we offer to alumni around the globe. 

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