Currents at a glance

Dry Days
Some parts of the world can expect as many as 30 more days a year without precipitation.
Long shifts. Weird hours. Constant sitting. Driving a cab takes its toll on one's health.
Kosher and Halal Dining
Associated Students of UC San Diego voted unanimously in support of improving halal and kosher dining options.
The Fi in SciFi
SciFi flicks are coming to campus with the aim of finding the science behind the fiction.
Wounds of War
"Gulf War Syndrome" is not in veterans' heads, but in their mitochondria.

Online Exclusives

The Academic Turned Comedian
The Watermelon Queens of UCSD
Golden Chopsticks
Last academic winter quarter, a group of students conjured up the city of Shanghai in the 1920’s to ‘30s on film.