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UCSD Alumni, your alumni association, represents more than 150,000 alumni at the forefront of the sciences, business, research, the arts, social innovation and political service in California, throughout the nation and around the world. By fostering meaningful connections among this diverse group, we help to forge lifelong, mutually beneficial relationships between alumni, students and the University to ensure that UCSD – and every alumnus – will always remain world class.

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Awards & Accolades

Management Team

Armin Afsahi '90
Associate Vice Chancellor, Alumni Relations & Development
(858) 534-3902
Shannon Cadagan, '02
Executive Associate
(858) 822-3188
Armin oversees alumni relations, annual giving, and Chancellor’s Associates programs. He also serves as executive director for UCSD Alumni.

Suzi Sterner
Executive Director, Alumni Programs
(858) 246-0234

Suzi oversees the management of all alumni engagement efforts including academic divisions, graduate and professional schools, campus partnerships, prominent alumni engagement, regional and special-interest clubs, volunteer programs, and signature alumni programs.

Brandon Buzbee '06
Senior Director, Outreach and Employer Relations
(858) 822-4001

Brandon oversees efforts in student philanthropy and engagement, including the Student Foundation and Society 60, regional alumni outreach, and career and industry engagement.

Paulyne Becerra
Senior Director, Development & Community Engagement
(858) 534-7424

Paulyne oversees Chancellor’s Associates and the Alumni Loyalty Program which provide philanthropic support to UC San Diego and offer exclusive privileges and programming to donors. 

Jeff Grantham
Senior Director, Marketing & Digital Outreach
(858) 246-0235

Jeff is responsible for the creative identity of all alumni programs and services. Jeff brings more than 18 years of B2B and B2C sales and marketing experience to UC San Diego. 

Raymond Hardie
Triton Publications
Editor in Chief, Triton Magazine
(858) 534-5630 

Raymond oversees all communications, website, social media and print magazine. Hardie served as senior editor at Stanford Magazine for six years before launching the alumni magazine, Triton.

JoEllen Kay '95
Senior Director, Annual Giving
(858) 822-0806

JoEllen is responsible for UC San Diego’s annual giving efforts, which includes health sciences, friends, alumni and parent groups.

Paula Thomas '87
Chief of Staff, Director of Operations
(858) 822-0145

Paula oversees the business office, including management of the budget, human resources, financial services, internal communications and facilities.  In addition, she is the liaison for campus-wide strategic initiatives and supports the organization’s Board of Directors.

Alumni Programs

Suzi Sterner
Senior Director, Alumni Programs
(858) 246-0234

Amelia Cortina
Deputy Director, Alumni Programs
(858) 246-0659
Tracie Davee
Director of Campus Alumni Relations
(858) 534-1714

Marilyn Li
Associate Director of External Relations, China
(858) 534-9469
Adrienne Bolli
Director of Alumni Relations, Jacobs School of Engineering
(858) 822-6968 

Megan Silva
Director of Alumni Relations, School of Medicine
(858) 822-1210
Jennie Van Meter '90
Director of Alumni Relations, Arts & Humanities
(858) 534-9048

Lisa Kellogg 
Director, Graduate Alumni Programs
(858) 534-9394
Tamika Franklin
Director of Alumni Relations, Physical Sciences
(858) 246-0327

Jenelle Dean, '05
Director of Alumni Relations, Social Sciences
(858) 246-0232
Director of Alumni Relations, Biological Sciences
(858) 822-3540

Mary Jo Ball
Director of Alumni Relations, IR/PS
(858) 822-6756
Eliza Wiggins
Assistant Director of Signature Programs & Volunteer Engagement
(858) 534-6406

Cori Garcia
Alumni Programs Event Coordinator
(858) 534-9466
Alyssa Swall
Manager, Affinity Groups
(858) 534-1125

Triton Publications

Raymond Hardie
Editor in Chief, Triton Magazine
(858) 534-5630 

Mina Nilchian, '14
Editorial Intern, Triton Magazine
(858) 246-0337
Claire Yee, '14
Editorial Intern, Triton Magazine
(858) 246-0337

Marketing & Digital Outreach

Jeff Grantham
Senior Director, Marketing & Digital Outreach
(858) 246-0235
Malinda Danziger '00
Associate Director, Alumni Communications
(858) 534-9468

Rachelle Dostie
Marketing Manager
(858) 822-6509
Witold Kiezun
Senior Data Analyst
(858) 822-4053

Alexandra Morales
Communications Specialist
(858) 822-0063
Leah Singer
Annual Giving Writer
(858) 822-5815

Trevor Sorel '13

Eswar Dhinakaran

Annual Giving

JoEllen Kay '95
Senior Director, Annual Giving
(858) 822-0806

Natalie Lopez '09 
Program Manager, Direct Marketing
(858) 822-4996 
Trevor Hewey
Data Analyst
(858) 534-1180

Rosie Goldberg
Annual Giving Assistant
(858) 534-9648 

Development & Community Engagement

Paulyne Becerra
Senior Director of Development & Community Engagement
(858) 534-7424

Mary Johnson
Director, Prominent Alumni Engagement
(619) 543-6463
Jennifer Leighton '99
Associate Director, Scholarship Development
(858) 822-1537

Associate Director, ArtPower! Development
(858) 534-7657
Tammy Blevins
Associate Director, Chancellor's Associates
(858) 822-6617

Leo Kosuge '08 
Manager, Loyalty and Stewardship Programs
(858) 822-5807
Amy Anderson
Coordinator, Stewardship Events
(858) 534-1507

Emily Jerome
Program Coordinator
(858) 822-2540

Outreach & Engagement

Brandon Buzbee '06
Director, Outreach & Engagement
(858) 822-4001

Joe Cribari
Associate Director, Industry & Career Engagement (858) 822-4055
Ryan Henry
Program Manager
(858) 246-0237 

Will Dyer, '10
Regional Engagement Manager, San Diego
(858) 926-9278
August Mao
Regional Engagement Manager, Los Angeles
(858) 401-9170

Natasha Mody
Regional Engagement Manager, Bay Area
(858) 926-9170
Regional Engagement Manager, Bay Area

Operations & Services

Paula Thomas '87
Chief of Staff, Director of Operations & Services
(858) 822-0145

Scott Mounier '95
Alumni Business Process Analyst
(858) 822-5054
Tes Nebrida
Business Officer
(858) 822-3988

Rubi Trevino
Assistant Director of Board Engagement & Operations 
(858) 534-9544 
Shannon Cadagan
Executive Associate to the Asst. VC
(858) 822-3188

Karin McGregor
HR and Financial Analyst
(858) 534-7447 
Aimee Turpin '09
Finance and Operations Assistant
(858) 822-3795 
Susanna Abrahamyan
Finance and Operations Assistant
(858) 534-0263