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Destination for Excellence: 43rd Annual Alumni Awards

Destination for Excellence: 43rd Annual Alumni Awards

May 14, 2022 at 6-9 p.m. PDT

Chancellor Pradeep K. Khosla invites you to join us in celebration as we gather to honor a select group of outstanding UC San Diego alumni.

Be there as we recognize eight extraordinary Tritons who are innovating new possibilities around the globe. The evening’s festivities will include live entertainment and special interactive experiences.

Let’s take a moment to celebrate our very best.


May 14, 2022
6-9 p.m. PDT



Click here for Outstanding Alumni Bios

Daniel Burstein, MFA ’90

Burstein, MFA ’90

Erik T. Engelson ’82, MS ’84

Erik T.
Engelson ’82, MS ’84


Click here for Changemakers Bios

Kristin J. A. Brownell ’93, MD ’01

Kristin J. A.
Brownell ’93, MD ’01

Patrick Ledden ’89

Ledden ’89

Jamie Montgomery ’81

Montgomery ’81


Click here for International Honoree Bio

Liliana Pao ’99, MPIA ’02

Pao ’99, MPIA ’02


Click here for Emerging Leaders Bios

Tanya A. Menendez ’09

Tanya A.
Menendez ’09

Pauline L. Nuth ’13

Pauline L.
Nuth ’13

Meet the Wavemakers

These extraordinary alumni leaders are generating waves of energy and momentum for the nation’s youngest university to reach a multibillion-dollar campaign milestone. Their strong partnership has helped connect visionary philanthropists and like-minded contributors with the most brilliant minds of our time and is carrying us to the successful close of the Campaign for UC San Diego. This first-of-its-kind award recognizes the lasting Wavemaker legacy that is paving the way to a brighter future for humanity.

See Wavemakers

Jeffrey K. Belk ’83

Marcus F. Boehm ’83

Aryeh B. Bourkoff ’95

Deborah T. Bronston-Culp ’80

Julia R. Brown, H ’14

Robert W. Brownlie ’85

Abbie Celniker ’80

Carol L. Chang, H ’19

Nathan East ’78

William D. Eggers ’89

George C. Elliott ’73

Lisbeth L. Elliott ’72

Sheldon Engelhorn ’72

Erik T. Engelson ’82, MS ’84

Dustin Finer ’91

Garrett P. Gruener ’76

Taner Halıcıoğlu ’96

Steven Hart, MA ’80

Susan O. Hart, PhD ’86

James “Jay” Hawkins III ’87

John P. Iorillo ’88

Kim Iorillo ’87

Gary E. Jacobs ’79

Robert S. Koenigsberger ’87

Kenneth F. Kroner, PhD ’88

Wendy W. Kwok ’99

Richard W. Labowe ’79

Patrick Ledden ’89

William A. Lee, MS ’79, PhD ’82

Mark L. Lewis ’75

Richard Libby ’80, MA ’82

Marcia K. McNutt, PhD ’78

Larry S. Millstein, MS ’83, PhD ’87

Jim S. Moffatt ’80

Jamie Montgomery ’81

Matthew J. Newsome ’91

Brandon L. Nixon ’87

James J. Ong, MD ’89

Greg Papadopoulos ’79

Jean M. Parekh ’91

Rajesh N. Parekh ’91

Kimberley Phillips Boehm ’82

Peter G. Preuss, MA ’67

Samir R. Ramji ’94

Peter D. Reed ’12, MS ’13

Timothy J. Roemer ’79

John F. Sampson Jr. ’89

Richard L. Sandstrom ’72, PhD ’79

Samantha S. Shaya ’00

Amy B. Slater ’76

Leo Spiegel ’83

Mark S. Suster ’91

Sandra S. Timmons ’81

Linda S. Tseng-Ong ’87

Alex N. Vogel ’94

Anita Wright-East ’79 MD

Join the Celebration

Get ready for loads of fun, inspiration and celebration. Prepare to be wowed and inspired as you immerse yourself in unique, alumni-led events and one-of-a-kind campus experiences.

Register for the Celebration

Understanding the COVID-19 variants are still a significant concern in our community, and out of an abundance of caution, we strongly encourage the use of masks at our events, and recommend guests be fully vaccinated and take an antigen test just prior to arrival. We will provide masks and antigen tests onsite to anyone who would like them. Thank you for helping us slow the spread of COVID in our community.

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