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Become a Mentor

The Take a Triton to Work program presents a powerful way for mentors (UC San Diego alumni and community members) to positively impact the life of a student. Meetups are flexible, based on the preference of the participants – from a career conversation over the phone to a virtual or in-person job shadowing visit – offering mentors the opportunity to share valuable career insights as student mentees explore their next steps.


Key Dates

  • February 22: Mentors can sign up/volunteer up for spring session
  • March 1: Program begins; mentees will begin to contact mentors
  • March 21-25: Spring session meetups* (virtual and in-person)
  • March 25: Spring session closes

* Mentor and mentee may meet at an alternate date/time, convenient for both

How do I participate?

  • Join/Login to Tritons Connect.
  • Complete/edit your profile by clicking on “Edit Profile” in the upper right-hand corner
    • Upload a photo.
    • Add information about your Job Title, Company, Industry and Job Function.
    • In the Summary Section, write a response to this question, “Why do you want to be a Take a Triton to Work Mentor?
    • Scroll down to the “Offer Mentoring” section and check “Take a Triton to Work.”
    • Include professional experience and/or simply link to your LinkedIn profile.
    • Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on save your changes.
Sign Up to Become a Mentor


How will a match be made?

  1. A student will review your profile as part of a directory and will send an introductory message to you through Tritons Connect to request your help as a Mentor.
  2. Upon receipt, you will review and accept one pending request and will send the student a responding message.
  3. Communications will follow between you and your Student Mentee to coordinate either a short career conversation or a job shadowing experience.

What does Take a Triton to Work look like during the next phase of the pandemic?

Triton connections are valuable. Some of the most influential experiences for Tritons are when they have the opportunity to connect and engage with one another – whether in-person or virtually. Take a Triton to Work allows students to connect with UC San Diego alumni, staff, faculty and parents to explore their aspirational career paths without the pressure of grades or full-time internship commitments. A half-hour of your time can help a student gain confidence, make decisions, explore new career paths and build their network.

What does a typical meetup look like?

The meeting itself is flexible and dependent on your time and the nature of your industry and profession. Whether for a half or full day, in-person or virtual — it’s completely up to you. Maybe you’d prefer a short Career Conversation (a one-time meeting or coffee chat to share your wisdom and expertise); perhaps you’d like to host a Job Shadowing opportunity, allowing your mentee a chance to get a glimpse of your workplace life. You decide what works best. Similarly, you are welcome to ask your student questions to gain insight about them, the university and today’s learning experience.

Meet Up Soon!