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The Take a Triton to Work externship program presents a powerful way for alumni and industry professionals to positively impact the life of a student. Scheduling is flexible, based on the preference of the participants, and can take place in-person or virtually, during a full- or partial-day workplace session. Hosts have the opportunity to share valuable career insights, while students get real world experience in potential fields of interest and industries.

Key Dates

  • Sept. 22-Oct. 7: Hosts complete/update their Tritons Connect profile and post their externship opportunities
  • Sept. 29: Virtual orientation session (optional)
  • Oct 24-Nov. 4: Students apply
  • Nov 14-18: Externship dates* (virtual and in-person)

    *The host and student may meet at an alternate date/time that is convenient for both.

How do I participate?

  • Join/Login to Tritons Connect.
  • Complete/update your profile by clicking on “Edit Profile” in the upper right-hand corner.
    • Upload a photo.
    • Add information about your Job Title, Company, Industry and Job Function.
    • Scroll down to the “Offer Mentoring” section and check “Take a Triton to Work.”
    • Include professional experience (and/or simply link to your LinkedIn profile under "Settings" on the top right).
    • Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click to save your changes.
  • Click on “Groups” in the left-hand column and choose “Take a Triton to Work.”
  • Choose “Jobs” from the top menu and select “Post a Job.”
    • Add information about your Company, Job Function, Industry and more.
    • For "Title," enter "Job Shadow" followed by your degree and graduation year, if applicable, or your affiliation. For example, Job Shadow (Physics ’09), Job Shadow (Parent) or Job Shadow (Recruiter).
    • Choose “Job Shadowing/Externship” as the employment type.
    • Enter description details about your full- or partial-day on-the-job session, and include if the career experience will be in-person or virtual.
    • Be sure to add your email address (applications will be sent there).
  • Questions? Contact
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What is an externship?

An externship is a short-term job shadowing opportunity — typically a full- or partial-day experience. The length and structure of the externship is determined by the host.

What is the application and match process?

  1. A student will review your Job Shadowing/Externship as part of the Take a Triton to Work Job Board and will send an introductory message to you through Tritons Connect to apply.
  2. Upon receipt, you will send the student a responding message. Note that you are welcome to accept one or more students.
  3. When your available Externship is filled, please login and adjust the “End Date” on your Externship posting to alert students that you are no longer interested in receiving applications.
  4. Communications will follow between you and the student to coordinate the job shadowing experience.

What does a typical Externship look like?

The meeting itself is flexible and dependent on your time and the nature of your industry and profession. Whether for a partial- or full-day, in-person or virtual — it’s completely up to you. Externships generally highlight a “typical” workday, can take on various formats and may include any of the following: an in-person or virtual tour of the host’s workspace; inclusion in workplace meetings, events or appointments; opportunity to observe client interactions; assist with a small project or general office tasks; an opportunity meet with the host and/or other individuals to learn about what they do. You decide what works best. Similarly, we encourage you to ask your student questions to gain additional insights about them, the university and discuss the day’s learning experience.

Why participate?

  • Assist graduating UC San Diego students with their career development
  • Share knowledge and expertise about work and careers, as well as personal stories about pathways to success and potential challenges
  • Build a stronger Triton network through relationships with students who may someday be employees or colleagues
  • Increase company brand recognition and build a potential pipeline for future opportunities at your organization

Who is eligible to apply?

While the program is geared toward graduating senior students, all class levels may apply.