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Alumni Awards Nomination

UC San Diego has a history of embracing curiosity, of chasing and finding comfort in the unknown with an agile, open-minded spirit. The same is true of the 234,000 Tritons out there in the world: alumni who are making a difference at home, in their communities and around the globe. We invite you to nominate an exceptional alumna or alumnus for the following award categories:

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Award Categories


Presented at the yearly Alumni Celebration in May

Defined as, “one who desires change in the world and, by gathering knowledge and resources, makes that change happen,” this award is presented to an alumna or alumnus who has made a significant impact while creating positive change for the community at large.

Emerging Leader

Presented at the yearly Alumni Celebration in May

Presented to an alumna or alumnus who has made a significant impact in her or his profession and/or community-at-large since graduation. Nominee must be either within 10 years of graduation or 35 years of age or younger at the time the award is presented.

International Award

Presented at the yearly Alumni Celebration in May

In recognition of the incredible things UC San Diego alumni are doing around the globe, this award recognizes an individual who lives and works outside of the United States and has made a demonstrated impact in his or her career and/or community.

Outstanding Alumnus/a

Presented at the yearly Alumni Celebration in May

Recognized as the most distinguished alumni honor, this award is presented to an alumna or alumnus who has demonstrated outstanding service and, through personal and/or professional achievement, has brought honor and distinction to the university.

True Triton Volunteers

Presented at the yearly True Triton Celebration in February

Presented to alumni who have gone above and beyond to help advance the mission of UC San Diego as dedicated volunteers. Whether by dedicating time to students and alumni, lending leadership skills to university initiatives, or acting as ambassadors for UC San Diego and higher education, True Tritons’ passion for their alma mater is both inspirational and aspirational.


Open Call for Nominations for 2022-2023 recognition:

The nomination form is available year-round. Submissions received after deadline will be considered for following year recognition.

The Selection Process

Comprised of volunteers, the Awards Selection Committee will carefully review each nomination and offer recommendations regarding those individuals whose achievements most closely fit the category for which they have been nominated.


Please contact Lisa Kellogg at for any questions or additional information.

Meet Prior Honorees

Alumni Awards

UC San Diego Alumni has honored outstanding alumni who have exemplified the commitment to leadership, advocacy, philanthropy and service. Experience our legacy of excellence extending over six decades.


True Triton Awards

Service is one of the pillars of UC San Diego’s mission and vision – it’s in our DNA. To recognize alumni who have shown an extraordinary commitment to the university and our cause, we created the True Triton Award, one of our highest honors.