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Become a Student Mentee

The Take a Triton to Work program provides students (mentees) seeking career and professional guidance an opportunity to meet with a mentor working in their field of interest. Meetups are flexible, based on the preference of the participants – from a career conversation over the phone to a virtual or in-person job shadowing visit – and can offer valuable career insights as students explore their next steps.


Key Dates

* Mentor and mentee may meet at an alternate date/time, convenient for both

How do I participate?

  1. Join/Login to Tritons Connect.
  2. Complete/edit your profile by clicking on “Edit Profile” in the upper right-hand corner
    • Upload a photo.
    • Include academic, volunteer/special interest information and experience
    • In the Summary Section, write a response to this question, “What do you hope to gain from a career-exploration conversation?”
    • Scroll down to the “Seek Mentoring” and select “Take a Triton to Work.”
    • Include professional experience and/or simply link to your LinkedIn profile.
    • Scroll down to the bottom of the page and save your changes.
  3. Register to attend one of three Mentee Prep Workshops:
Sign Up to Become a Student Mentee


How will a match be made?

Mentee Prep Sessions will include details regarding how you can search, identify and request your Mentor via Tritons Connect. Becoming a successful mentee isn’t a passive experience, it’s reaching out, and building relationships. During the session we will discuss strategies for getting the mentoring you need, the importance of showing initiative and how to follow through to build meaningful connections and relationships.

What does Take a Triton to Work look like during the next phase of the pandemic?

Take a Triton to Work is networking made easy and connects current students with mentors to explore their aspirational career paths. Students can make a connection with a fellow Triton who was once in their shoes to ask questions about career paths and opportunities, share information and receive career and professional guidance.

What does a typical meetup look like?

You are empowered to coordinate a meetup to happen with your Mentor. The meeting itself is based on availability and the preferences of you and your Mentor and may range from a career conversation over the phone to a virtual or in-person job shadowing visit. Ideally, the experience will be a friendly career conversation where you can learn more about your Mentor’s career field and the path that took them from UC San Diego to where they are today. Similarly, please allow time to share insight about yourself, the university and today’s learning experience.

Meet Up Soon!