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About the Triton Alumni and Welcome Center

Triton alumni are the drivers of a better world, the heart and determination to exceed what exists in pursuit of what is better. At the center of our campus, we are building our first-ever Triton Alumni and Welcome Center as a site for journeys home.

Designed as a living, evolving testament to Tritons past, present and future, the Triton Alumni and Welcome Center will be the starting point for new Tritons to tour our campus; a gathering place for the Triton community to participate in campus life through seminars; a venue for collaboration between alumni, faculty and staff, and students; and a physical tribute to UC San Diego’s history and its future.

Special Features

Serving as a hub for introducing prospective students, families and visitors to UC San Diego, the Triton Alumni and Welcome Center will provide opportunities to support innovative programs and spaces that bring our Triton community together, including lounge, library, hoteling space and meeting rooms where alumni may socialize, work and gather.

The Details

A state-of-the-art media mesh screen will wrap around more than half the building’s exterior, providing a digital, 21st-century canvas for concerts, campus events, Division I athletic competition, news stories and announcements.

A curated digital exhibition space will feature highlights from UC San Diego’s history, including discoveries that accelerated science and technology and culture that influenced the world.

Self-service ticketing for campus events and tours, as well as office suites for both the Stuart Collection and ArtPower.

The combination lounge and library will offer an open space for collaboration that accommodates impromptu discussions, brainstorms and reconnection with fellow Tritons.

Conference and event spaces will create opportunities for alumni to work with student entrepreneurs and provide flexible office hours to host mentorships.

A large executive conference room for hosting the Triton Alumni Board of Directors, and hoteling office space for focused meetings or mentorship sessions with students.

A rooftop terrace will offer an exciting event space featuring panoramic views of the entire UC San Diego campus.


Together with your philanthropic support, we can continue to challenge convention, to be the place where education passes along a spirit of curiosity and boldness to question tradition. We invite you to join us to keep unmaking history with us.

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